Thursday, September 8, 2016


I prefer to dispense with puns as soon as possible. Expect that for as long as this blog lasts. I should get this one out of the way and move on.

I believe in paying taxes. I believe in all individuals in a republic contributing to the public fund that is used for common services. I believe in government participating in the larger political landscape. I am willing to pay tax dollars to see that kind of stuff happen. We all need some essential services. I would also say that the US Government as we know it has grown faaaaar beyond its need and needs to be reined in.

We need a sane tax code. We should pay our fair share. I am not informed enough in that area to know what to recommend, but I know that the current system of cheats, loopholes, dodges and imbalanced margins is plain old ridiculous. I'd like to see it change very much.

I also believe in a person's right to live completely off the grid, in an ideal world. But in today's world that is unsustainable, and we really do need to cluster populations in more populated areas to spare what little green space we have left. We need to change from a consumption culture to a repurposing culture pretty dang fast. We need some serious technologies to manage the load we have created on the world and not consume it in a tragic way.

I think about this stuff a lot.

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