Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2 Months On...

... and things are better than ever in terms of my vision. My view is open and my eyes are wide. Depth is natural, my balance is improving, and I am getting better at catching a ball that I toss across my field of view, left to right to left. I still have a measure of double-vision, of the slight glitch variety, and I still collide with things, but I am definitely doing better than before.

I had my two month checkup with my surgeon this week. She said I was healing great and my alignment is steady. The sutures are healed, and I am now able to wear my left contact lens. This did not change my experience with depth at all really, or if it did it's very subtle. It's just nice to have that side of my peripheral vision be clear instead of fuzzy, dim as it may still be. I'm wearing both now and very happy about it.

I'll see my surgeon again next year, and in the interim I'm fully recovered and really doing optimally. It's the best.

I posted this to FB on the two month mark. The support and comments were overwhelmingly wonderful. It's such an incredible part of this whole story for me. I'm all healed up and both eyes working together like old pals.

Stay cool everyone!


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